"BUGEI" and "Martial arts"

I usually introduce my hobby as "BUGEI".

There are many words like "Bujutsu", "Kobudo", "Koryu" and "Kakutogi" for the meaning of martial arts in Japanese. But I feel "BUGEI" is the best exact equivalent.

I heard the word "martial arts" was commonly used just after the world war 2.

To tell the truth, the word "Budo" was commonly used from the end of 19th century.
This length is almost same as current "Judo".
In short, these words are not old. Therefore, I feel it is not traditional.

Originally, the word "martial" means Mars, The god of war, military, war and aggressive.
I must say it is totally different between the meaning of "BU (武)".
The purpose of "BU" is very different from military.

On the other hand, the word "GEI" means very close to "art".

Therefore, I would like to use "BUGEI" instead of "martial arts".

I wish all of the martial artists who is studying Japanese martial arts can feel this sense.
And please try to understand the spirit of Japan.

So, I will use "BUGEI", "BUGEISHA (person)" in my blog and HP.