About DAN

These are just my little note about "DAN".

sho(初:first) : sho(緒:begin, lead)
Sho-dan : The dan for the beginning of Bugei and it is for the leading to Bugei.

The egg. Nobody know what kind of egg is this.

ni(二:two) : ni(荷:load)
Ni-dan : The dan for the loading of everything of Bugei.

The load. Heavier is better for your practice, higher quality is better for your mind.

san(三:three) : san(産:produce)
The dan which the Bugei practices is the producing of useful thing.

Do not produce authority, business and violence. Just for useful for people.
"Made in Japan" is well known as always high quality.

yo(四:four) : yo(与:receive)
The dan for the person who receive the recognition of Bugeusha.

The reception of providence.
Only providence and the others knows the value of recognition of Bugeisha.
You don't have to know your value of Bugeisha, just only do it!

go(五:five) : go(悟:perception)
The dan for arriving to the one of the perception.

This perception is only for the one of the transit point, never for taking rest.
If you misunderstand it, go(悟:perception) will change to go(誤:mistake).

roku(六:six) : roku(禄:stipend)
The dan for the person who have the ability to instruct of Bugei.

The stipend not by business. Not by the number of techniques and students.
If you feel the stipend sweet, exactly it is never came from Bugei.

shichi(七:seven) : shichi(至智:arriving at wisdom)
The dan for arriving at wisdom of Bugei.

The wisdom. Wisdom for abandon later. But you need it as temporarily.
Prepare your mind, you should abandon the wisdom later.

hachi(八:eight) : hachi(破智:destroying wisdom)
The dan for destroying wisdom of Bugei.

The period to destroy wisdom. Wisdom is just tools.
For getting greater thing than wisdom, you should abandon wisdom.

kyu(九:nine) : kyu(究:ultimateness)
The dan for the ultimateness of Bugeisha.

Do not stuck in the ultimateness. "ultimateness" is activated just only in the word.

I believe the rank is not for measurement. Bugeisha should regard it as load or weight.
We are floated by rank, authority, honor or knowledge very easily.
Bugeisha must admonish even whom from anything anywhere anytime.
If you forget it, rank will change to rank(乱苦:disturbance and pain)

SD100113 Hekishusai