National Foundation Day of Japan.

National Foundation Myth of Japan.

Unlike U.S.A. or new countries, Japan doesn't have exact date of foundation.
Nobody know when Japan was established.
By the view of archeology, there were no big migration to Japan from continent since ancient time. Therefore, we may say that Japanese race is originally Japanese race since the primitive era.
Maybe, some of pioneers came to such a small island little by little.

But, we have National Foundation Day, which is February 11th.
This day was decided for National Foundation day. Feb.11st is the day of the first emperor of Japan, Jinmu was crowned on this day of 2670 years ago. Now, present emperor of Japan is 125th. Of course, it is longest dynasty in the world. Unlike other imperial country, we haven't changed the dynasty. We have been having only one continuing dynasty until today.

You might think that 2670 years old is not true. Most of historians are doubt that the first emperor is just fake. We, Japanese don't negate such a opinion. The coronation of the first emperor of Japan may be not true. To tell the truth, Japanese historian doubt the existence of first emperor. He may be just myth. Also, historian almost specified the emperor who built this myth.

For Japanese people, we don't mind about the founder of Japan. Because, it is very difficult to specify anyway. We already know that Japanese race is continuing since the primitive era. Also, it is very remarkable thing that the emperor who made this myth didn't insist that he was founder of Japan and the dynasty. Why he didn't insist about his own great achievement? Didn't he have any desire? Why he determined to become to "one of the these emperors" himself? I believe he considered the future of Japan deeply. He may be thought the imperial family is the root of Japan. He imaged that no beginning and no end for Japan. He wished Japan continue as forever.
I believe that is the reason why he made this myth. And at that time, they already had the mind of the virtue of modesty, just like present Japanese. I really proud of this.

Meiji emperor, one of the great emperor in Japan wrote superior rescript, which called "The Imperial Rescript on Education". For your interesting, please see my site as below;
When I read this rescript, I thought Meiji emperor knew the mind of founder of Japan.

We, Japanese don't scream crazily like "We love Japan".
We, Japanese don't insist "Anything as number one".
We, Japanese don't attack violently to other country for "over-difference".
We, Japanese don't like to fight for "our religion".
We, Japanese don't like to make "our enemy".
We, Japanese never insist loudly. We like silent.
We, Japanese dislike that insist on ego "I". Even in conversation, sentence.
(Think! Trouble never makes trouble. Trouble is always made by "I"! We, Japanese know that!!!)
Some of stupid countries are worry about Japanese militarism...I can say it is funny comedy joke in Japan.
Even if you hate Japan, I'm sure you are using the product of made in Japan.
If you feel convenience or happy by these products, that is the only our wish.

We, Japanese often use below Kanji for the symbol of Japan.
和(わ, wa):The sum, peace, harmony, concord, unity and Japanese.
Please taste this Kanji for your understanding of Japan.


Emperor Jinmu(神武天皇), The First Emperor of Japan.


Emperor Meiji(明治天皇), One of the great Emperor.

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