Sei Gen Fu Sho - Seventeen -

試合(SHIAI) :face for the contest
試:The original meaning came from addressed(言) ceremony(式).
In short, any kind of sports contest, match and competition.
We usually use this word for most of competitions.

果合(HATASHIAI):face for the making result
果:The original meaning came from "fruit".
In short, tree makes fruit.
But, we usually use this word only for "fight to death".
果 taste not sweet like fruit, it's taste "life or death".

Sports always have "next chance".
BUGEI have only "one chance".

Sports chance is always set by human.
BUGEI chance is never set by anybody.

Sports training is for the next chance.
BUGEI discipline is for surviving "now".

You must expect "fair play" to sports.
You must expect "unfair combat" to BUGEI.

SD100216 Hekishusai