Sei Gen Fu Sho - Twenty -

Last night, I talked to my son as below;

"Is there really Oni?"

"Yes, it is."

"Have you ever seen it?"

"Yes, many times."


"Anywhere, anytime."

"I can't see it."

"When you are going to do something injustice things, Oni is working in your mind."

"I see."

"When you are going to do something justice things, Fudomyooh is working in your mind."

"They will fight to each other, if they are in my mind at the same time."

No, son. if you take Fudomyooh side, it is 2 to 1. Fudomyooh will win. Oni will show the white flag. If you take Oni side, it is 1 to 2. Oni will win. Fudomyooh will show white flag. That's all."

"Can I see Oni if I go to deep mountain."

"Yes, if you go to deep mountain and sit down, Oni become bore and come out from your mind. And he try to talk to you that let's do something sweet and injustice things!"

"It's scary."

"But, if you want to keep something important thing, Fudomyooh will protect you from Oni. Fudomyooh will beat of Oni."

"So, is Oni disappear?"

"Unfortunately, it is not. When Fudomyooh beat of Oni, the son of Oni is already in your mind. So, you have to struggle with next Oni. Fudomyooh and Oni is always fair. You are very important key person of their endless fighting. Your action is always depend on the result of the fighting."

"...I understood, dad."

SD100223 Hekishusai