About Zen disciples

For these several days, I made some remarks in the Zen group of facebook.
To tell the truth, I am doubting about these my remarks by myself.
Because, originally Zen is not built by the words. Even if Zen needs minimum explanation, it should be not by English and other language.
Actually, when I speak English, I don't refer to Japanese. And I can feel the sense of English during English conversation. Understanding Zen by English is absolutely difficult, I think. But I am not going to say impossible, I believe.

I often invite foreigner friends to Zen discipline. I believe that they are feeling and understanding Zen without language. I was really surprised that so many people is trying Zen at the foreign countries without master(like monk, priest and master). Now, I am studying Zen under two Roshi (old master) by good fortune. I should say it is very lucky situation. I thought I can show a little help to them. Sometime I will tell what Roshi said.

Well, telling about Zen by English may be good training for me also. I feel I should better to use this situation. I will tell Roshi about this situation.

I am not monk, and not specialist. Also, I do not want to relate between martial arts and Zen. And I am not religionist. But I am happy to helping to the person who is trying to Zen.

SD100308 Hekishusai