About Shibamata Town

Recently, when I guide my foreigner friend, I take them to Shibamata town. Shibamata is located the east end of Tokyo. Just next of Chiba pref. Asakusa is well known as historical town. But actually, present Asakusa is grotesque for many Japanese. 80% of souvenirs are made in China and most of foreigner tourists are Chinese. Traditional Japanese handcraft is nothing like the souvenir like in Asakusa.

On the other hand, Shibamata is still not famous for foreigner tourists. But it is famous for Japanese. Shibamata is much smaller than Asakusa, but feeling is more close to traditional Japan. Even not on Wikipedia!

There are some temples and shrines. Of course many shops. Shibamata is beside big river. You can see very beautiful landscape.

If you want to taste classical Japan, Shibamata is one of the recommendable town for sightseeing.


This temple is "Taishakuten", main temple in Shibamata.

SD100323 Hekishusai