Bugeisha for me

Bugeisha is not soldier. Maybe it is similar to warrior.
Soldier should belong to a group or organization for their convenience.
For a soldier, it is a method to be able to fight most effectively to belong to the organization.
The commander of the brigade never expect the individual capacity to a soldier. The commander doesn't expect the soldier as RAMBO.
Therefore, brigade needs group training. Maybe it is easy for these soldiers also.

Bugeisha should try to find the way for survival. The way for winning and the way for better life. Of course, trying to not use the skill is more important.
Basically, Bugeisha is individual. I can say the soldiers walk and stamp down the way and the Bugeisha open his own way.

Good Bugeisha is not good sensei. But good sensei is never good Bugeisha. Good Bugeisha doesn't own a dojo, even if Bugeisha own a dojo, it is just part of his practice.

Authority, ranks, the number of students and The splendor of the dojo make you "fat". These are very sweet and high calorie. You can enjoy these "taste" a little. But not important for daily life. In short, these things will take you far away from Bugeisha.

Bugeisha should be evaluated by the action, not words. Even the words of billion doesn't have any mass. But one action shows the truth. The words are just decoration for the truth. Therefore, Bugeisha must have honesty, loyalty, justice for others. Silent actions for everything. Too much talks and words destroy you.


Sun is just setting and rising without delay...

SD100727 Hekishusai