The meaning of Real Bugeisha

One guest often comes to the class which I am training.
He is more than 70years old and sensei of Aikido.
He was teaching Aikido the next of our space in the place before.
I think now he has something physical problem.
That is the reason now he stop the training.

He is one of the direct student of Shioda Gozo sensei.
Shioda sensei is one of the great sensei in Aikido, very famous.
His existence is like legend.
The old sensei always praise us.
He said that our school have very practical and lot of henka.
He always said watching your training is also good training for him.

I am wondering if I became to his age, I can still praise other martial arts.
He is chasing the truth of Bugei, not Aikido itself.
He has very wide and far view discretion.
I can say, he is real Bugeisha. I really respect him.

I believe that all of Bugeisha is allowed to proud of chasing the truth.
Real Bugeisha should not be proud of rank, the number of winning.
They are just relics. We are going to live in the future...
If you proud your rank and the number of winning, you are just sports athlete or sports martial artists.


At Oshi-jo Samurai festival 2008
I am holding red spear with my son

SD100831 Hekishusai