About playing to Uke

Tori: Technique player
Uke : Technique receiver

It seems that many disciples regard Uke as "support for Tori".
But please consider about it.
You play Uke in the half of keiko at dojo.
If you think that playing Uke is just only for "support for Tori", maybe you are wasting your precious time and money.
Tori and Uke both are the matchless twinstars.

In my dojo, I always instruct to my disciples that when he plays Uke, do not make the action as arranged. Attack with good balance and good position and good direction. It must be very good keiko. It should be important same as playing Tori.

The sense of Uke shows the personality of player.
I should say that playing Uke is much more difficult than playing Tori.
The level of resistance to the technique.
Give advice or receive advice.
How, which, where and what?
About the personality of Tori.
If partner has high rank with high pride, I should close mouth (with patience!).
If partner has high pride, I should close mouth (with patience!) too.
If partner has higher rank with good skill, I will absolutely follow him respectably.
If partner has lower rank with good skill, I will absolutely follow him respectably too.
If partner expect to having the advice from me, I should confirm to his expectation.
If partner is good partner, I can concentrate to keiko. We can give advice each other.
But, basically, I am only interested in his personality for my keiko.
I think skill is less important.
Do not play Uke for satisfaction of your own ego.
Do not play Uke for proudly showing your own authority.

These foolish actions waste the precious time of others.
Especially, the person of instructor grade must consider deeply about this.

There is a advise.
This advice was given to the current grandmaster by the former grandmaster.

The meaning of doing Uke is to accept your partner.
The meaning is that Uke must receive all of others.
If you don't have tolerance and courage and capability, you shouldn't do it.

I was really impressed to this advice.


Former Grandmaster Takamatsu sensei

SD101028 Hekishusai