Bow and handshaking

Think that except oneself, all are masters.

When I train myself, I always think like that.
I'm quite sure they are absolutely perfect professional masters.

All of things.
All of creatures.
All of places.
All of times.
All of nature.

Usually, when I train in nature, I never discriminate these masters.


They never "instruct" to me.
They are always indicative of "The best".
But only the time when I fully pay attention only.
They are not kind but not unkind, they are existed only.

I know when I am chasing techniques, they quickly escape.
When I am thinking about authority, they are laughing.
When I am feeling pain, they gives more pain.
When I am looking the gorgeous landscape, they steal my time.

But when I have right kokoro, nature indicate the thing which I wish in a short time.

That is the reason I am paying attention to checking my own kokoro, more than collecting the knowledge of martial arts and the techniques of martial arts.

That is the reason I recommend to train in nature.
If you practice being right in nature, you will have respect for nature.


If you feel so, please bow to all.

You can bow to all.
Handshaking is only for between humankind.
But bow can work for everything you want to respect.
Handshaking is only for one person.
But bow can be used for the object of plural different concepts at the same time.
Even if you can't see the object.

The way of Japanese greeting is designed for everything.
It is not only for human.

If you consider this meaning deeply, you will be more great Bugeisha...

SD101101 Hekishusai