Zen and Tea

The 6th day night, Hakuin-zenji said when Eizai-zenji(the founder of Rinzai-sect in Japan) went to China, he got sick because of heat.
When the old man has Eizai-zenji drink tea, soon he has recovered from the sickness.
Then, Eizai-zenji brought the seed of tea to Japan and he presented it to Emperor.
Emperor ordered to plant it to Uji(next of Kyoto).
And he presented it to Myoe-shonin, the master of Eizai-zenji. He planted it to Toganoo(in Kyoto).
Therefore, Eizai-zenji and Myoe-shonin were called the founder of tea in Japan.

There is the efficacy of the tea in bitterness.
It is good to maintain the heart.
When the heart is good condition, the other internal organs are also good condition.
Myoue-jonin said that the effect of the tea deletes sleepiness, disciples had better train while drinking tea.
Also, asceticism is the best way for cultivating the heart.

If you entirely try to asceticism with vividness professionally, your mind will clear naturally.
Jimyo-osho said "The old saying that if you try to asceticism surely you will get enlightenment."
Or Zenkansakushin(book) said "If you don't take a rest by your mind, you can improve."
Therefore, trying to asceticism is important for disciple.

Recently, there is a monk, name Bunmei-osho. He became a dicsiple of me(Hakuin-zenji) 6 year after distressed.
I said "Even if you are high rank priest in the public, it doesn't mind to me. if your eye is not clear for the truth, you are just kids. You will be abused aloud. If you can't try to asceticism purely because of your evil mind of like chasing rank and authority with haughty, all of your asceticism is meaningless."
Bunmei-osho said "I am a only kids entering to the dojo for great truth. Sir, please do not hesitate to coach me mercilessly. I will ascetic practice at the risk of life even if you scold sharply to me or even if you hit by stick to me innumerably."
Then I permitted him to enter to the dojo.
During one summer term, 90days, he tried ascetic practice. he was scolded and he was hit. But he continued zen ascetic practice.

Finally, he got enlightenment and he realized the truth of zen philosophy.
Before going back to home, Bunmei-osho swore being his disciple in his life entirely.
As you read it, you can get the truth if you have the intrepid determination.
Try hard.


SD101208 Hekishusai