Zen mind

The 7th day night, Hakuin-zenji said that if a man become a priest, all of his relative transmigrate to heaven. But he has to be true priest.

In short, if you swear to Shigu-seigan(Four wear of Buddhism) and try to beat off the passions and illusion by your concentrated mind for deepen your zen mind, the illusion will swept. Then, the truth of you will appear. That is the true priest. Transmigration of all of the relative at heaven is truth, not fiction.

Once upon a time, there was a pregnant woman. She prayed that if my baby is boy,she will let him become a priest.
This night, one old man appeared in her dream, and he said "I am ancestors your 9 generations ago. I have been taking terrible pains in hell. But finally, I have escaped from the eternal hell because you prayed.".

There is another story. There was a priest Ryozan-osho in Koshu(Yamanashi pref.). He was undertaking the coaching of Zen Buddhism to many disciples at the big rich temple.
When the Rohatsu zen term, he did zazen with his disciples. At night, his late mother appeared to him and she stabbed his armpit by a sword. He screamed, vomited blood and lost mind. Later, he recovered.
Next day, suddenly Ryozan-osho said farewell to his disciples and left from his temple. He went to discipline journey because he realized something.
He camped with only minimum goods for looking for masters. During his long time for his long discipline journey, his zen mind got really deep.
One day, when he started to zazen, late mother appeared to him again.
When he was going to look hard, she has hidden immediately.
Later, he did zazen and he entered zen mind very deeply like the sea without waves.
Again, late mother appeared to him and she said "When I entered to hell first, all of ogres respected me and no agony because I was the mother of priest. But year by year, you were getting away from truth of Buddhism. Then, ogres called me as snobbish mother. They did various torture to me very hardly. It was so incommunicable agony. That is the reason I stabbed you before. But you were realized it and left the temple for discipline journey. Few days ago, when I visited you again, you still had ego and worldliness. That is why I hidden. Now, finally, you deepen your zen mind and realized the truth for true priest. Therefore, my pain had left and I will go to heaven. So I want to say thanks to you.".

All of people has parents, brother and relative, if you count them, it should be so many. They are suffer by karma of the six lower worlds. All people wish to disciples for the enlightening to the true Buddhism.
Why don't you have the strong wish?
Time flies like an arrow.
Time is not waiting for you.
Just try hard.



SD101209 Hekishusai