Become the way / Observe the way

The person who is going to the way of art should aim to be the way itself.
If you want to observe the way instead of to being the road, you must leave from it.
But, leaving will be lost of the aim of your art.
Art is not for observation from the side.
It is for becoming to one as the way.

The thing which is convertible to number should be just for observation.
The thing which is convertible to number can be used for the decoration of around you.
But it can never be part of yourself.
Only the thing which is not convertible to number may be truth for your art.
Only invisible thing is the thing which sublimate your art.

If you are anxious about your arts, you should try to be the existence of yourself completely.
Comparing to other existence is just meaningless for your own art.
If you want to master the art, do not observe the way. Try to be the way, instead.

All of the person who is trying to be the way can be my fellow!!!


SD110126 Hekishusai