Recently, facebook is getting populer in Japan.
I'm still not sure whether most of Japanese people want to show real name on the internet.
But anyway, facebook is getting to be strong competitor of mixi.

In facebook, I've met more than 70% of my friends.
Most of FB friends are belong to same Bugei group.

I am very interested in the profile photo.
These photo shows his/her personality very much.

When I receive friend request from the fellow of same Bugei group, I always check the profile photo.
Then, I accept or refuse it.

Mostly Refuse
The photograph which is;
1. He/she comes out with the grandmaster.
It's seems politician who is borrowing authority for him/her.

2. He/she is wearing uniform clearly.
At least, I believe that BJK is never for showing.

3. He/she is posing like totally foolishness.
Sorry, I just hate narcissist.

4. He/she is instructing to many students.
Thank you for showing your authority. That's enough for me.

Of course, even if the requester doesn't comes under 1-4, I may refuse depend on my feeling.
I want to have only good Bugei fellow.

My BJK FB friends doesn't correspond to 1-4. I'm very happy about it.

SD110221 Hekishusai