SEI GEN FU SHO (星呟風囁) -石(Stone)-


Even sitting on the stone for 3 years.

This is a Japanese proverb.
Direct meaning is;
If you can continue to sit on the stone, you will feel pain, but the stone will be warmed by you.
The origin of this proverb came from the tale of Bodhidharma.
In Japan, we use this proverb for continuing for one thing with patient.
We often use this proverb, especially for traditional arts.

Especially for traditional arts, if you don't continue to study more than 3 years, we don't agree that you are studying it. Studying under 3 years are just same as nothing.
The first 3 years, beginner must study very hard. After that, he can say "I just started to study it.".

Please do not pay attention to the length. It is also trick.
If you continue to study very hard, you can not recognize how long time you are studying it.
Maybe, you will forget that you are on the stone or you will not remember there is the stone under you. Even the existence of you.

So, I am going to say, I am still sitting on the stone.

SD110308 Hekishusai