"The reason why load gets heavy on your back so as to climb the high place is to stabilize yourself even if in the high place."

By Fudoan Hekishusai

Not only Bugei but also general life, we are the climber who is shouldering heavy load, I can say.

Each of them are shouldering different load on their back.

Unfortunately, these individual load can't share with the other.

This load was just designed only for you.

And you can't see it because it is in the backpack on your back.

Other people can see it, but they can't own it, of course.

To tell the truth, the load convert to anything you wish.
The load is getting heavy in your backpack.
And it is converting day by day as you wish.
But, you can never see it, maybe until the end of your life.

If you are a Bugeisha, it may be rank.

there are two kind of Bugeisha.

One is the Bugeisha who regard ranking up as receiving heavier load.

Other is the person who regard ranking up as the load which convert to anything he desired...

I think I told too much.

When you receive higher rank, please feel heavier load on your shoulder.

And it will make you more pain.

But this pain is not the pain which is opposite of joy.

That is kind of Koan(Zen question).

SD110415 Hekishusai