The wind and dew




"About the grass which is rustled by wind and dripping the dew,

we can see it, but we can't keep it in mind."

By Hekishusai

The all of the thing in the world is moving.

It does never stop.

Even a piece of stone, the electron is moving around the atomic nucleus of the stone.

In our general life, we don't pay attention to the natural movement.

I can say that our brain can't pay attention to such a movement.

I think the most of the reason is by our DNA.

Our DNA is programed to pay attention to only the object which is moving unnaturally.

In Japan, we don't like to behave as unnatural.

We know the unnatural behavior or artificial behavior doesn't give comfortable impression to the others.

Tea ceremony, flower arrangement and any other Japanese traditional arts require such a natural movement.

For Bugei, this concept is absolutely important.

Enemy can't trace the movement easily.

It is not tired easily.

Easy, and simple logic.

To tell the truth, "the movement of nature" doesn't exist.

The concept of "the movement of nature" compare with "the movement of artificial" is just illusion.

This comparison is same as comparison between 1 gram and 1 light-year.

Just meaningless.

These concepts are not for compare each other.

I think there is only the movement of ego in the world.

That is only we can recognized.

In short, the world is crowded with the movement of ego.

If we can abandon ego, we can realize the movement of nature, soon, we can disappear.

SD110416 Hekishusai