"The person who open the mouth has ignorant eyes,
the person who opened the enlightened eyes has true mind."

The language is illusion.

The language is the object.

The words can never be truth itself.

The words can never be the subject.

The deed is truth.

The deed is the subject.

Only the deed is trusty thing.

The deed doesn't need the language.

The language has to testify itself by other subject.

The instructor of Bugei must not dance with such a illusional language.

You must be proud of what can't rather dance.

The instructor must let language follow it.

The language must follow after the behavior.

If the instructor show the dancing with language, the students will be bewildered.

And they will follow the language instead of the truth of Bugei.

They will be away from the instructor.

For the stopping these mistake, Bugeisha should try to open the enlightened eyes.

SD110419 Hekishusai