Buddha and Demon


傀儡師 (かいらいし)

首に掛けたる (くびにかけたる)

人形箱 (にんぎょばこ)

仏出そうと (ほとけだそうと)

鬼を出そうと (おにをだそうと)

一休 宗純(いっきゅう そうじゅん)

The puppeteer can take out Buddha and demon from the puppet box which is hanged on his neck freely.

Ikkyu Sojun

When the puppeteer shows the play to audience, he takes out many kind of puppet from the puppet box freely.

For puppeteer, there is no difference of value between these puppets.

Even the puppet of Buddha and the puppet of demon is nothing different.

On the other hand, we are always busy for;

laugh, anger,

gladness, sadness,

alternate hope and fear for praise and blame,

I am right, he is wrong,

Justice and evil, etc, etc.

We don't have the time for rest.

BUT, these things are just same as the puppet which is taken out by puppeteer from the puppet box.

Problem is not puppet.

We must focus to the puppeteer who is taking out puppets from the puppet box and playing.

If we can focus to the puppeteer, we are able to know the ill effect of the formula of multiple-choice question.

「Funbetsu"分別"」(discretion) and 「Mufunbetsu"無分別"」(indiscretion) were originally the technical terms of Buddhism.

Today, the former is considered as good, and the latter is considered as evil.

But originally, it was in the opposite sense.

Dividing to birthing, aging, sickness, and death as the sources of suffering.

It is 「Funbetsu"分別"」(discretion) .

The Buddha nature is in the before divided, it is 「Mufunbetsu"無分別"」(indiscretion).

Our agony was started after we had discretion.

It seems very similar to Forbidden fruit in bible.

Zen is for realization to knowing the things before divided.

I only know it is pretty difficult proposition for us.

SD110427 Hekishusai