A Pine Tree


"When winter comes, the green of pine tree is recognized."

This proverb is about the moderation.
Pine tree is an evergreen tree.
Usually, unlike a deciduous tree, evergreen tree is not gorgeous.
Maybe deciduous tree is much striking impression.
But an evergreen tree is showing the green continually.
This immutability makes conviction tightly for .


Most of Japanese people does not like insisting on achievements.
Especially, when we make a action for moderation, we never insist.
Because, moderation is for doing, not for saying.
Lasting action, lasting posture, that is good for making something exact things.

Pine tree seems reflecting the philosophy of Japanese.
That is the reason why Japanese use pine tree for goodness.

In Japan, we use pine tree, bamboo and prunus mume for ranking.
Pine is highest, bamboo is middle and Prunus mume is lowest.
In short, evergreen tree is highest, deciduous tree is lowest.
It is remarkable custom of Japan.


I wish I can live like as pine tree...

SD110405 Hekishusai