The silhouette of Samurai


Minegaoka-hachiman Jinja, Shinto shrine(峯ヶ岡八幡神社) was established on about 940 AD by Tsunemoto Minamoto(源経基), the origin of Minamoto family(Genji).

This shinto shrine is built on the top of hill.

There are many archaeological sites near the shrine.

Because 4000-3000years ago, the central Tokyo and suburb was in the seawater.

The seashore where ancient people used to live seems the hill today.

Maybe, this place was regard as holy place since ancient period.


1180AD, When the war between Genji(源氏) and Heike(平家) was opened,

Yoshitsune Minamoto(源義経) left from the north part of Japan for participating to the brigade of Yoritomo Minamoto(源頼朝), his brother.

On the way to the trip, Yoshitsune had stopped at this shrine.

Usually Hachiman shrine is for warrior.

I had a something mysterious experience at the shinto shrine when I was 4 years old.

At that time, I came here for hiking of kindergarten.

And I was playing with some friends at the Ginko tree which is 700years old.

There were some people working for the preparation of summer festival.

All too soon, I was playing by myself at the tree.


I looked at the shrine from the behind of the tree.

I recognized a person who is standing at the corner of the red shrine where was in the forest.

Unlike today, forest was much bigger and deeper, it was hard to recognize exactly.

I could see only his silhouette.

I couldn't identify who he is, but he was wearing samurai armor.

I was quite sure he was exactly watching me.

But somehow, I was nothing afraid about it.

I did even a good old feeling.

I thought he was a staff for samurai parade of this festival.

Later, I knew there was no samurai parade in this festival.

I have been completely forgetting this memory for a long time.


There is a custom to go to the Shinto shrine for 100 days after birth in Japan.

My father, my wife and I visited the shrine with my son for this ceremony.

After pray ceremony, I walked to the tree and touched.

Soon, the memory was revived to me.

Somehow, I realized why the samurai watched me.

Unfortunately, it is a kind of incommunicable feeling.


After that, I often visit and pray to Minegaoka-hachiman Jinja shrine.

Maybe he is my God of Bugei, I believe.

SD110516 Hekishusai