Adam and Eva were in the center of Buddha


Last week, I asked a question to Roshi after Zen class.

"Were Adam and Eve Buddha before they ate the forbidden fruit?"

You may surprise about it, but I do not insult a Christian.

indiscretion wisdom(般若, Hannya) is the highest wisdom in Buddhism which I wrote in my blog before.

Today, the former is considered as good, and the latter is considered as evil.

But originally, it was in the opposite sense.

The view of relative such as good and evil is incorrect.

When a turning point which is divided to birthing, aging, sickness, and death, the agony which is only for human started.

I don't know why only for human. Maybe we were chosen by god? (Maybe most hopeless?lol)

That agony continue during your life. But before you born and after dead, you will be in Buddha.

One of my spiritual friend said Buddha is oneness. I feel oneness is good term.

By Bible, Adam and Eva didn't recognize that they are naked.

Then, their world was changed from the view of absolute to the view of relative after they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

The book of Genesis is very interesting story.

After God create the light, many animals were created and divided.

But as for the thing that should be remarkable, the action doesn't mean the shift to the view of relative.

It is started from a human being having realized it to the last.

I feel the book of Genesis is very close to the Buddhism indiscretion wisdom.

I've read bible many times, but reading bible with the view of Zen is very interesting.

I am wondering if the reason that Zen is practiced in Vatican.

In short, Adam and Eva were in the world of indiscretion wisdom before they eat the forbidden fruit. That's why they were in Buddha.

I didn't know but Roshi told me that Dr. Daisetsu Suzuki had said same thing before. I have to study more.

What kind of fruit would the forbidden fruit be?

It was on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I am interesting that only human eaten it, other animal didn't eat it.

By the way, Hannya is translated as "Wisdom in Buddhism"(Wikipedia). Unfortunately, English doesn't have appropriate term. But it is nothing important, because it is outside of language activity.

There is a possibility that Christianity, Judaism and Islamic have same kind of concept with Buddhism.

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