Anger "怒"


The kanji of anger "怒" is the complex of "奴" and "心".
"奴" is meaning of slave. I can say that it is meaning the person who doesn't have any mental activity.
"心" is mind and the human heart. Unfortunately, English doesn't have suitable word.
Therefore, "怒" is meaning the mind of the non- mental activity.

Bugeisha should have the strong mind for control to oneself.
Because, we are practicing the way of kill.
That is the reason why I don't like to get angry.

I always pay attention carefully to the emotion of "anger".
Human shouldn't have the emotion of anger much, but also we shouldn't be patient with anger too much.
Physiologically, too much being patient with anger is bad for mind condition.

But, I still try to save anger...
Because, I am a Bugeisha.

When the human being is ridden to be angry, he becomes very weak.
I watched it so many times, and it is already proven.
Angry person is very weak even if he is expert.
I just don't want to show my weakness.
There are ways of anger control.
Long time ago, it was be patient.
Just before, it was ignore it.
Now, it is drain it.

It was difficult for me when I started.
But now, I feel the effect of Zen practice is appearing, and I am getting understand it.

But, if you feel the anger which is impossible to drain, I wish to believe the anger is a kind of indignation. At that time, we shouldn't hesitate about it.

SD110708 Hekishusai