The moment of the heart to quit desire is...


I was presented a zen proverb from roshi at the zen class.

It is just a leftovers of new years greeting(LOL).

But anyway, I got it because it seems very deep proverb.

(gushin yamutokoro sunawachi buji)
"The moment of the heart to quit desire is the state of Buddha-nature."

The moment of the heart to quit desire seems so complicated proposition, but at the same time, we recognize that that is the deepest chaos swamp in our life.

I think the heart to desire itself is nothing wrong.

Pure desire to something is not evil.

Maybe, I believe that the accomplishment of pure desire is Buddha-nature.

The problem is chase to many things for impure motivation.

Therefore, the pure deed without impure delusion and illusion is much more important than chasing object itself.

For ambition, for revenge, for honor, for pride, for richness, for duty, for obligation, for myself, for the others, for justice, for peace.

These acts seems runs keeping heavy load by one hand.

That is the way of life unbalance and tired.

Just doing it. Fulfilling the doing.

At the moment, there is not oneself, the others and objects.

They become Buddha-nature.

Then, you will realize that the oneself and the others are just delusion.

That is the time for running with absolute freedom and easy to go even far a way.

And I believe that is original state of Buddha-nature.

SD110828 Hekishusai