Rinzairoku, Chapter Anroku
If the enlightenment level of a student is same as the master's, it will decrease the virtue of the master. Owning the superior enlightenment more than the master is the requirement of receiving for the truth of Buddhism.

The ultimate goal of the disciples must be to surpass the master.
Once you determined to ahead the way which you wish, you must try for mastering of it until the end of your life.

That deed is forming important part of tradition and improving for ryuha"流派".
That deed is called as Shugyo "修行" in Japan.

This is the state of master which I believe.

When you entered to the gate, I believe that you saw the behind of the master.
At that time, you didn't know where he looks at.

When you caught up with the master, you will see his face in profile.
At that time, his expression will not be happy at all.
Because he is caught up with the disciple?
Maybe, not. The master worries about the disciple.
If the disciple is satisfied staying the side to the master, it should be the delusion goal for the disciple.
That is not ultimate goal of disciples for all of arts.

One day, when you surpass your master, you should turn around and watch your master.
You will see true smile of the master.
And he will hand something to you.
I can say that is the intergenerational succession of the art.

You can see the true expression of the master from the front only.
That is the opportunity that only that time receives from master formally.
Therefore, if you want to see the truth of the master, you have to urpass your master.
That is the only way for facing to your master.
And best satisfaction for the master.

But, to tell the truth, the relationship of the master and disciple is just by the view of relative.
The great master is always forwarding to the way as a disciple.

SD111109 Hekishusai