Five Elements "技 術 芸 道 法"

技/waza :
It was the symbol of holding thin branch for handling. Then, it changed to "technique". Now, we use this kanji for simply basic technique.

I can say that is "kihon". Besides diligence, we can't get these waza. But it doesn't mean only the volume of sweat, time and knowledge.

術/jutsu :
It was the symbol of the street where so many people is passing. Then, it changed to "skill". Unfortunately, I couldn't find out of the exact concept of 術"jutsu" in English. 術 is the technique which based on traditional skill which was improved by many generations.

I can say that is based on the wisdom of forerunners. Therefore, we must use them with respect and discreet deed.

芸/gei :

It was the symbol that a man was planting a plant on the earth. Then, the meaning was changed to the skill of harmony with nature system and artificial system.

I can say that nature is the origin of us, artificial objects are just like the tips. Therefore, we must have the reverence and gratefulness for harmony with nature.

道/do :

It was the symbol of the neck(head) and forwarding to the way. Then, the meaning was changed to the way or way of life.

I can say that "道" was designed for just for yourself. Therefore, you must try to walk on it entirely. When you become to the deed of walking itself without any comparison, you can realize real your own way.

法/hou :
It was the symbol which is keeping the strange beast in the island of the lake. Then, the meaning was changed to the rule, method and law for walking the way.

I can say that there are many beasts inside of us. Many desires, many delusions and unlimited evils at the one hand. But we should know that at the same time, there are many hopes, much wisdom and unlimited benevolence at other hand. Also, we should know that both hands came from one body which is called "Buddha-nature".

I believe 技、術、芸、道、法 are like this...

SD111119 Fudoan Hekishusai