Fudoan dojo of one day

Last night, there were only 2 students at the dojo.
Include me, 3 of us trained.

Ukemi, 5-6 kinds of ukemi with bokken.
Doing ukemi with weapon is easy. But it is difficult to doing ukemi as prepare the weapon anytime, anywhere.

The accuracy of doing ukemi is important, I think.

On the slope at the mountain.
In the forest.
On the ground where is covered by fallen leaves.
With 6-shaku bou(180cm stick).
Etc, etc...
Compare to these situations, doing ukemi on the tatami is just like kids play.

All of taijutsu movement is depend on the estimate of high accuracy.
At least, eyes and body should control under a inch, 3cm for focusing taijutsu.
If you can't do so, you will rely on unstable arm mobility and muscle.
If you feel your weapon as part of your body, it is good sign.
Especially, sword fighting is totally depend on the estimate of high accuracy.
A inch or few millimeters, that is the border of the death or alive.
We should put the skill of taijutu into such a very tiny gap.

【手ほどき/Tehodoki (Hand releasing)】
It is very simple techniques for relaxing our body.
I believe that the best movement is just like the leaf which is dancing by the wind. There seems no start and no end.
Moving without remarkable movement is natural movement. It is important than fast movement and powerful movement.

I believe the relationship between waza"技" and jutsu"術" like this;


For waza, we must try to delete the artificial start action because waza is a part of the ring which is called jutsu. There is no start point and the end point in the ring. Finding out of the start point and the end point in the ring is meaningless. Nature is always seamless. Good taijutsu movement is also seamless too.

Waza is a part of jutsu. Waza was just picked up from jutsu only for the convenience of our practice.
The recognition of a section(cut surface) is important. If you believe the section is the terminated part, you can't image of the whole taijutsu. If you have imagination that the section is a continued part, you can reach to real taijutsu.

Many people is trying to judge waza as useful or useless.
Maybe yes, maybe no. I can say this kind of judgment is meaningless.
We can't judge the value of a waza besides observing jutsu.

Bugei is based on non-verbal communication.
Basically, any arts are based on non-verbal communication.
Therefore, verbal explanation is just like additional.

Trying to higher challenge, trying unique method is much more important than much verbal activity.

This was a just practice in Fudoan dojo of one day...

SD111124 Fudoan Hekishusai