Shugyo - The relationship of master and disciple

Shugyo(修行), discipline - The relationship of master and disciple

The pattern of looking for master is often impressed as one of the most important and dramatic scene in the story.

For example, in the 120min movie, main character meet to the master who looks like wise hermit fatley in first half of the movie at least.
Then, hard shugyo was started.
Finally, the main character was educated as good enough, then he kills enemy.

Please think about the probability of this story in the real world.
I don’t think all of hermits are superior talent.
Some of the master who is in real world may be good talent.
Even in such a internet generation, there are still possibility to not encounter to the master.

I believe the case of movie reduce the width of shugyo meaning, I can say.
I believe that the start of shugyo is the moment when you want to do so. And the end of shugyo is the moment when you want to abandon. It is just simple theory.

Maybe, shugyo seems your shadow. You can try it anytime, anywhere whenever you want.
(Of course, your re-start position may be reset.)

Whether you can encounter the master or not is a part of your shugyo, even if that part is very important. That is not start, it already started.

I should say “Don't be easygoing!” to the person who cannot start shugyo because there is no master.

If you already realize what do you want to do, the figuring out and trying hard is your master.

…That is just the ideal situation…So, I often think…

You will not encounter the master who has higher aspiration than you.


You will not encounter the master who has lower aspiration than you.

You can encounter the master when he is in the strike zone.
Then, the master and you should aim higher and higher.

Of course, on the way to going, you may separate from the way of your master. Possibly, you may get over the master or maybe someone may get over you.
Anyway, you can encounter only the master who has same level as your aspiration.

If you want to study the self-defense just a little, you don’t have to encounter the master who bet all of his life for bugei entirely.
On the other hand, if you have truly wish to be strong to your mind and body, you don’t want to encounter only the master who is busy for managing the dojo and busy for getting authority.

If the person who has high aspiration can’t encounter the right master, maybe;

1.He doesn’t have high or noble aspiration.
2.Reliance upon others.
3.And, bad luck.

But third condition can’t be true reason.
After all, we can encounter only the master who is in our strike zone.

Now my age is 42. When my master met me, he was 42 also. I will be happy if I can encounter young and enthusiastic disciple just like “Karate Kid”. And I will be happy if I can instruct all of my wisdom and techniques to him. But, something I can do is my own shugyo only.

If I can find out gem on the way of walking, that's OK.. If not, that is also my shugyo.
If I try to looking for excellent disciple, my dojo will change to the place for business. That can’t be my own shugyo anymore.

I am a Bugeisha and am not grand master of a ryuha(流派).
Therefore, I really don’t care even if nobody continues my philosophy and techniques. That is none of my business totally.

Basically, my skill is tuned only for me. My knowledge is designed only for me. Therefore, I don’t need to insist to others.
Of course, the person who understood or who is trying to understand can be my important buyu or disciple.
I feel I should help “a little” to these buyu.
I'm not sure but I may say that my bugei is just like Theravada Buddhism.

To tell the truth, I don't want to spend labor and time for organizing, making logic and educating many disciples. I wish to spend my limited time and limited labor for my shugyo. That's all!

But, I never forget that I am studying under the great master of bugei, zen and er-hu. I am very lucky and I always restrain and discreet for these arts.

There are words, 天地人(Ten, Chi, Jin).
天 is the chance, the time. But the chance is always made by the good conditions which is called 地. But the conditions are formed by 人. For the relationship of 天地人, nature and god can’t even muscle on these relationship.

Additionally, many people misunderstand the order 天→地→人. The base is 人, not 天. If the person who expect to a lot to 天, 天 will never help the person who is facing only 天. 天 help only the person who is facing to 人 each other.

Simply, our face is designed for looking each other, not for 天. Something we can do is in 人 which is the base of 天 and 地, I think.

And I feel I shouldn't occupy these philosophies by myself. Therefore, I am trying to introduce these deep philosophy of these arts to my friends though I have only poor English language skill.

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