The 6th day of Rohatsu zazen term

Every year, I can feel my zen feeling is getting deep in 5-6th day of Rohatsu term.

Yesterday, one of the gentleman who sat the next to me received the hitting on the shoulder. At that time, the sound didn't come into my ear. Instead whole sound passed through my body. I was really surprised.

I was not sure the sound of rain came from the outside of my body or inside of my body. Maybe I was the rain itself? I was not sure. Also, I realized this strange things later.

This year, I lost the person who was a master of me in September, it is my first experience to lost my master.

Finally I really regretted that I was not able to visit him. But during zazen, when I feel the slight light passed through me, I also felt him, my parents, my grand parents and all of my friends who is living in the world. I am just a tiny phenomenon of a moment. I might feel something eternal...

Every year, the last day of the Rohatsu term, I feel that the light pass through me. Sometimes, it was something strange and uncomfortable. But this year, I felt it was sacred sense.

This year, my zazen condition is very fine. Though the temperature is almost under 10-5 degree, I am slightly sweat, especially Tanden. Doing zazen everyday should be good for shugyo. I think I have to do zazen 1 session a day. I will try.

I must introduce my great friend who is trying zen deeply.
My Russian friend is trying this Rohatsu term in Russia by himself. He is doing zazen same time table as us. I must say it is very respectable discipline. Sitting 2-3 session, chanting Hannya-Shingyo and Hakuin Zenji Wasan and reading Rohatsu-jishu. If I were him, it is extremely difficult to do so.

Today, after final zazen session, the temple serve the traditional cooking for the participants. That volume is very much! And tasty.

Today, it seems not cold. But I would like to keep tense until last session.

SD111207 Fudoan Hekishusai