About Kannon

Recently, I watch the outside landscape from office when the closing time of office hour.
It is very beautiful sunset glow when the weather is fine.

The neighborhood of the horizon is orange, but the high sky is deep blue.
Orange and blue are originally colors of opposite poles,
but we can't see the boundary when these colors shines in the sky.
Nature can harmonize and combine such the colors of opposite poles without seam.
I cannot help having reverence for Great Nature.

It is said that God and the Devil live in the heart of the human being at the same time.
I think beautiful like this if our heart is made a picture.
I wish to believe the real nature of a human being. We have such a beautiful thing in our heart.

If BUGEISHA can connect opposite poles in the same way as nature, it is almost a dreadful act of God.
Oh! I should not have such a boorish imagination.

I have a feeling that a viewpoint of opposite poles moderated recently.
Unfortunately my English ability is not enough so as to be able to express this sense precisely.
It is just like that. It is entirely only it is in existence.
I think the viewpoint of opposite poles is the product of the viewpoint by the mind of the human being.

Therefore, the existence of Kannon(観音) is very interesting.
Kannon is introduced in Hannya-Shingyo as Kanjizaibosatsu(観自在菩薩).
The meaning of Kanjizaibosatsu is the Buddhist Saint who has absolute free point of view.
If we have such a complete free point of view, the world looks much more beautiful.

I pray so that beautiful nature and the beautiful heart of the human being touch a future generation.

SD100106 Hekishusai