When does the practice begin?

In Japan, we use lot of English.
Especially, English sound like smart.
We use "トレーニング" as "training".
We use "レッスン" as "lesson".
We use "スタディ" as "study".
But, when we practice something traditional arts, we don't use these English words for it.
Maybe, at that time, the switch of the Japanese spirits shifts.
Working for traditional arts is not "training", "lesson" and "study".
We use "稽古(けいこ),keiko" for training of traditional arts.

Originally, the meaning of 稽古 is "Consider about antiquity".
稽古 is not for the time to improve skill.

Unfortunately, some of the disciples seems visit to Japan for improving skill.
Worse guys are only collecting the techniques.

When does the practice,稽古 begin?
At least, when you enter to the building or dojo, your 稽古 is already started.
Not the time you face to your partner.

I always watch and observe the disciples who visit the dojo.
Entering, walking, changing, attitude before start, rolling, when sensei is explaining.
When I face to new partner, mostly I can estimate his capability and character.
I can say that is one of the important 稽古.
This 稽古 is good for the winning before fight.

Often, I am really surprised that some disciples are crazy for taking video or photo much more than 稽古 itself.
Of course, I understand that the disciple who stay short time don't want to miss any movement of sensei.
But I am afraid that they miss the true sense of Bugei.
That should be much more important.
Repeat, I should say that digital data is just little more than satisfaction.

When you enter the other dojo, you must forget all of your honorable rank and brilliant careers.
Of course, you must forget the number of your disciples too.
And forget about the number of your published books.
These factors are nothing related with present 稽古.
These factors are nothing related with other disciples too.
You must to be "a disciple".
If you can't abandon these above things, you will be just heavy even if you are not fat.

Then, you have to follow the manner of the dojo. Not your dojo.
Older disciple should do uke first...but it is not for your honor!!!
That is just for the safety training! Do not misunderstand it!
There is no honor during 稽古!
稽古 is proceeded as rationally, not for your own honor.
If you found out a honor during 稽古, it is just "dark side" for you.
I can say paying attention to any kind of brilliant things during 稽古.
Truth is always not easy to find out.

I really appreciate to 稽古 with only "good Buyu"...


稽古 at the mountain

SD101026 Hekishusai