The memorial Keisaku

Maybe this chapter may be interesting for general people.
Because this Keisaku was broken in the ascetic practices of the Rohatsu term, this was given me in commemoration of ascetic practices by roshi. This is written about the first Koan for monk. I'm really not sure it is the Koan for me or just memorial gift. I am so scary to ask about it to roshi!


The 5th day night, Hakuin-zenji said that usually, longest Sesshin(intensive discipline) is 120days, middle is 90days and shortest is 80days.
All of disciples determined to start discipline for making sure the truth.
Therefore, disciples doesn't go out side of temple and they never talk.
The intrepid determination is important for zen discipline.

Recently, I heard there is a man name Heishiro carved the statue of Fudomyooh and enshrined it to a water fall.
At the water fall, water is falling, then bubble spread, but lot of bubble is gone in one foot. most of bubble disappear in 2-3 feet. All of bubble is completely vanished in 4-5meters. He was watching.
Heishiro naturally realized that the all of human activities are just like water bubble.Then, he couldn't calm down easily.

He had read the book "Takusui Hougo" before. The book said that the person who has the intrepid determination can get enlightenment soon, but the person who is lazy can't get enlightenment even if he practice in long time.
Soon, Heishiro determined. He entered to bathroom and locked.

He straighten backbone and he crossed his both hands. Then, he stared fixedly by his both eyes for doing zen purely.
Many illusions and diabolic mind were happening in his mind. After he struggled with them, finally he swept them away and he entered to the deep state of enlightenment.

When the morning was coming, his ears heard sparrow's chirping, but he didn't feel anything from his body. He saw that his both eyes were on the ground.
Soon, he felt the pain by his nail. Then, his eyes returned to his face and the sense of his hands and feet recovered as usual.

He continued to do zen during 3 days and 3 nights.

At third day, when he washed his face, he watched the garden. The garden was totally different from the normal vanity.
He asked about it to the Buddhism monk who was living near Heishiro. But the monk couldn't answer it.

Heishiro decided to meet Hakuin-zenji for asking about his mysterious experience. On the way to the temple of Hakuin-zenji, when he passed the mountain pass, he saw the landscape of Koura (this is a name of beach), suddenly he got enlightenment that all of the nature as grass, tree and soil are Buddha-mnature itself.

Then, Hakuin-zenji gave some of Koan to him. He passed so easily.

He is general citizen.
Though he did not do formal zen discipline, he got enlightenment in only three days.
It was caused only by the intrepid determination.
He won in conflict with many illusions and diabolic mind.
Wake up all of your intrepid determination.

Mr.YAMANASHI, Heishiro is the person who existed. He was Sake brewing at Shizuoka pref. Today, his descendant is still living. And there is the water fall where Heishiro enlightened. After this episode, he became to the layman of Rinzai-shu.

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