There is ego because ego think.


It is said that the difference between humankind and other animal is using tool and using language.

But, recently, scientists clarified that also some of the other animal can use tools and some kind of language is used by animals.

Therefore, current border of humankind and animal is getting unclear.

I think the difference between humankind and animals;

1.Try to enable impossibility of the natural world.

2.To make delusions and illusions.

I would like to focus to 2.

In short, the problem is that we are using "if, might, maybe".

There is a good fable in Chinese philosophy, Han Feizi.

There was a farmer who was farming.

Suddenly, a rabbit sprung out from nest and it was hooked at the root of stump.

The rabbit was killed in an accident by the chance in front of a farmer.

The farmer was really glad, and took the rabbit to home.

From next day, he started to watch the stump and he abandoned his farming.

Other people laughed him.

I believe that the other animals would never do such a thing.

Because only humankind have strong delusion.

Maybe, humankind is the existence of more than "survival".

Humankind can choose the states of liking than just survival.

Like "I do not want to live while receiving a hateful thing." or "I can die if I can escape from the agony.".

Why? I've been thinking about it.

My conclusion is just "EGO".

In the Western countries, it is symbolized as "The forbidden fruit".

I think this expression is very suitable.

I think that "ego" was activated after humankind believed the delusion "I am here." and "I am different from others.".

Roshi often use this phrase;

A drinking person drinks a drink.

The moment to be conscious of oneself by oneself is very very short time in a day, to tell the truth.

Except that, my typing keyboard, the feeling of typing. That is entirely only all of the world of now.

There is no "Hekishusai" nor "Zen" nor "Bugei" and nor "office".


A doing person do a doing thing.

That's all of it.

Even if the animal which is very close to humankind like chimpanzee have also the moment to be conscious of oneself by oneself, it is much shorter than humankind.

Animals is active just only for existing in one day entirely.

It is entirely completed for existing.

That is only something they can do.

But, humankind full pack delusions and illusions, and even lose sight because of them.

Worse case is that they pack delusion and illusion until destroy oneself.

Possibly, these things may be the cause of the mental sick or extraordinary crime.

Originally, we didn't need much for the time of to be conscious of oneself by oneself.

But, the environment of today's IT society require to much time of to be conscious of oneself by oneself.

Even an owner of healthy mind can become to illness easily.

In Japan, cash is much more popular than credit card and cheque.

Therefore, Japanese people don't have a lot of situation of signature.

In short, Japanese didn't have to realize oneself many times in a day.

Also, in Japanese language, unlike Latin language family, we don't use subject often.

If a speaker uses many "I", the listener feels the speaker to be an egoist.

Even the phrase like as "I love you", Japanese people don't use "I" and "you" mostly.

Speaker say "love" to listener, that is good enough.

In this case, there is no "I" nor "you".

There is only "love" at a moment.

When I use English, using subject is a kind of big gap for me.

I believe it is very remarkable difference between Japanese and Latin language family.

The time of to be conscious of oneself by oneself makes not only trouble with oneself but also trouble with others.

Sometimes, someone can recognize identity by attacking to others.

criticism, slander, calumny, etc, etc.

The person cannot feel oneself without warming the hand over flame of the hatred to blaze in burning red.

I have no idea why people want to put their hands to such a flame of the hatred to blaze in burning red however the real existence itself is warm and comfortable sunshine.

First impact was the time of humankind started to use language.

I think the story of tower of Babel wanted to tell the evil of language.

We must find out the truth from the space between the lines. Not by superficial meaning.

The language lets a human being amplify a delusion and hatred most.

The destruction of Tower of Babel was caused by God, but thinks that God wanted to teach humankind the risk of language.

On the other hand, mercy is the deed for killing ego.

The mercy of Buddhism and the love of Christianity came from the negative of ego.

Maybe because of such an era, I often meet the person who is completely covered with ego.

There is not a little such people around me.

Such people strangle oneself by oneself and they suffer and struggle.

Basically, my writing itself is also evil. I am only writing just for my English brushing up and fun.

Other effectiveness is just addition.

Something I can do for them is only pray. I believe it is also important mercy...






"Doing of ego in ego with covered with ego and agony with the hell of ego."

For better life, we shouldn't have the ego more than we need, I think.