Punching to Emptiness

There are some of the people who seems very sorry around me.

I am not holy man, nor wisdom man, of course, I am not so kind. Therefore, I don't pray for them, nor correct them.

They can't understand by the word. Originally, these people haven't own ears and eyes from first.

If you try to be kind to them by the word and body language, it should be stupid.

If you pour 3L of water to the container which is 1L limit, it will overflow. The container doesn't have any responsible, of course.

You must thanks to pouring 1L water to 1L container. The another extra water is just like the evidence of your unskilled wisdom.

When I was young, I have struggle with these people. But when I started to study Zen, my approach was changed.

This is my idealistic solution;
If opponent can realize that he is punching to air, and it seems stupid action, it is what I want.

Maybe, he or she will gets irritated punched only of the attack of emptiness first. After that, if he or she can realize that punching to emptiness is meaningless, it will be make a sense to him or her.

To tell the truth, I am nothing interested in the way of instruction. That is not my business.

That is just hindsight.

That is just additional effect.

That is just his or her own life.

Therefore, to be 無(mu, nothing) or 空(ku, emptiness) is one of the most important purpose in Zen.

Even the foolish behavior is a state of the holy Buddha-nature.

If you feel any hate and negative emotion, maybe you still have tiny ego which you can't erase in somewhere in your mind.

How can we erase itentirely by discipline? That is the point.

Most of my masters said "The discipline is fun".
Recently, I feel that even bad and negative emotion of the others can be useful for the barometer of mine, and such a positive sense can be called as "fun", I think.

I don't pray such a people but I hope they can realize that they are punching to emptiness. And I hope they can realize that originally hands are used for helping for somebody. I believe that is called as "mercy" in Buddhism.

SD110826 Hekishusai