About The Black Uniform


不動庵 碧洲齋

My black uniform hide the dirt which caused of discipline,
But, it doesn't hide the dirt which demean the dignity of Bugei.

December. 2011
Fudoan Hekishusai

When I wear the uniform of Bujinkan, I always confirm that this black uniform never appear the dirt which caused by shugyo.
Because it is necessary to always do it only because of oneself.
Therefore, I can say that using black uniform is the determination for hiding the discipline of oneself.
If you wish to "show" your hard training to other audience, I recommend to wear the pure white uniform.
(This is just philosophical theme, of course. Please keep the uniform to cleanliness as much as possible!)

But, there is a dirt which even the black uniform cannot hide.
That is the dirt which demean the dignity of Bugei exactly taint your aspiration.

When you wear the uniform before class, please re-consider about this.

SD111209 Fudoan Hekishusai